Akito Ino dog breed

Among the breeds of dogs, whose history goes back centuries, the Akita Inu stands out. “Akita” is a prefecture in the northern part of Japan, while “inu” is Japanese for “dog”. In Asia, they were favorite pets at court, and over time, the Akita Inu began to enjoy the privileges of the nobility. Such elitism of the Japanese Akita dog greatly affected the development of the breed as a whole.

Keeping, feeding and caring for an Akita Inu has become a whole ceremony. Each dog had its own personal servant. For them, even special collars and leashes were made, by which it was possible to recognize the rank of the dog and the position of its owner in society. Everything around responded to the respect that the Akita Inu enjoyed.

Today this most popular breed is known all over the world. After minor mixing of blood, cynologists distinguish several basic colors of the breed:

  • brindle (presence of white, red or black colors);
  • red (has a red color, diluted with white spots on the paws, stomach and muzzle);
  • white (without spots and stripes of a different color);
  • American (differs in a dense physique and large size).

Character and habits

Dogs of this breed are the owners of impeccable manners, which makes them excellent family members. Patient and affectionate towards children. Very devoted to the owner. But, despite their loyalty and devotion, Akita Inu have a strong character and willpower, so it is not easy to train such dogs. This breed is best for experienced dog breeders, as a simple person can not cope with her temper and harm the dog.

You can buy a puppy of this wonderful breed from breeders or in a specialized nursery, since only in this case you are guaranteed to get not only a beautiful dog, but also a friend with good genetics.

When choosing a puppy, you should pay attention to the following:

  • it is recommended to choose an animal from a small litter, where all puppies are of medium size;
  • ask the breeder to acquaint you with the dog’s pedigree; find out about the availability of awards, as well as possible genetic diseases and allergies;
  • you can learn more about the appearance and character of the future friend by getting to know his parents;
  • a healthy puppy is mobile, has a good appetite, playful character, shiny eyes, smooth coat and clean ears.

Exposure to diseases

Akita Inu are strong animals with good health. They live on average about 12 years. However, they are still predisposed to a number of hereditary diseases. Among the problems with the musculoskeletal system, hip dysplasia is quite common. To detect pathology in the early stages, at the age of 6 months, it is worth showing the dog to an orthopedist.

Sometimes you can meet a volvulus of the stomach – a life-threatening situation associated with structural features of the ligamentous apparatus of the stomach. It is important to remember that these dogs should not be walked immediately after eating, so any feeding should be done after the next walk.

Eye diseases are also common among this breed: inversion of the eyelid, progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, cataracts. Therefore, the condition of the dog’s eyes should be monitored regularly.

Weight of an adult Akita Inu dog: 32–45 kg female, 40–45 kg male. Height at withers: 58–64 cm females, 64–70 cm males. The coat is of medium length, with a developed thick and soft undercoat. Often these dogs are compared with cats: their coat looks impeccable and there is no specific dog smell at all. Musculature is very developed, requires regular training.