What does a rottweiler look like

The Rottweiler is a strong, muscular dog of a square format. Dogs are proportional, harmoniously built, massive. Males are taller than females at the withers. According to the standard, bitches are from 56 to 63 cm at the withers and weigh from 38 to 52 kg. Males at the withers are from 61 to 69 cm and weigh from 43 to 59 kg. The standard stipulates that their color is black and tan. The coat is short, thick, with an undercoat.

Previously, the tails were docked, leaving 3-5 vertebrae. Now at the European exhibitions it is not required. The ears are folded into an envelope. The muzzle is long and well filled. The teeth are strong and large. Scissor bite. Paws are even, muscular. Rear and front are parallel to each other.

Rottweilers are energetic

They need to walk at least 1.5-2 hours a day. Play with a baby and an adult ball, throw a fetch with a stick, roam the hills and parks together, etc.

If you come across a puppy with a tendency to dominant behavior, which will manifest itself from 4 months, you need to take him to classes with a cynologist, and then repeat the tasks at home. Then the dog will be manageable, peaceful and most often in a great mood.

The dog loves children and obeys just as much as adults. Discipline is important and to achieve the execution of the command. If you had a cat or several before your Rottweiler baby, they will become friends. And in adulthood, the dog will perceive the new pet suspiciously.

Take a Rottweiler if you have a friendly, calm family. They prefer to live in a calm environment and measured. In a house where there is frequent quarreling, the dog will become overly anxious and may show aggression. The culture of communication is also important for four-legged animals.

Required Care

Caring for a Rottweiler, like any other short-haired dog, is easy. They shed little by little throughout the year. It is enough to comb it once every 3 days with a brush or a rubber glove. Bathe dogs completely 2-3 times a year. If you are taken to an exhibition, then be sure to go to it with special expensive shampoos + conditioner.

It is best to feed such large dogs with meat (beef, lamb, rabbit, turkey, chicken, horse meat, etc.), offal (heart, kidneys, liver, stomachs, tripe, meat trimmings, etc.), meat with porridge , meat bones (beef, lamb, horse meat, rabbit, poultry … You can’t give tubular ones).

If you want to give dry food, then choose super-premium. The best Royal Canin, Bosch, Eukanuba, Hills and other quality ones. But it is better to feed mixed, when for one feeding, for example, dry food for breakfast, and for dinner meat + offal, meat + porridge (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal). Pets live on average from 9 to 11 years.

Deviations from standards

Deviations from breed standards in article development, size and weight may be an obstacle to the dog’s participation in shows and breeding. For Rottweilers, a loose and heavy physique with highly developed subcutaneous tissue and folds, close to the Neapolitan mastiffs, is considered a disadvantage.

At the same time, a lightweight structure is not allowed – a thin neck, a narrow chest, a long muzzle, undeveloped muscles, that is, when the Rottweiler in appearance approaches hounds. Too long, fluffy and soft coat will also take points at the exhibition from the dog. White patches of wool, pale tan, blue and brown coat colors are considered marriage. Such Rottweilers are not purebred.

Breed character

Purebred breeding of Rottweilers allowed to preserve the appearance of the original Rottweiler and its inherent qualities of character. Rottweilers have a strong character, since the breed’s breeders had the goal of breeding a dog with excellent service, protective and accompanying qualities. When evaluating a dog, representatives of the breed are cowardly, timid, with a weak intellect and indifferent to everything.

Real purebred Rottweilers are brave, attentive, fearless dogs. These are dogs with innate protective behavior and strong nerves, very attached to their owners and distrustful of others. Therefore, before trying to communicate with someone else’s Rottweiler, you first need to ask the owner about the nature of the pet.

Due to their physique, Rottweilers are very hardy, hardworking. They are also persistent, sometimes to the point of stubbornness, and will complete the task to the end. They show tolerance for children, but with the right upbringing they will be a good friend, nanny and protector of the child.

Rottweilers are smart, but independent, can work in pairs. Currently, Rottweilers are considered one of the best working dog breeds. They work in the police, wanted, army, excellent guard dogs, excellent bodyguards. In the family, they become the best companions for walks and outdoor sports. A strong constitution and ability to withstand prolonged loads make them excellent sports dogs.