The smallest dog breeds

Miniature dog breeds continue to break all records – every year they are given more and more preference. It is understandable: small size, unpretentiousness in care, walking and maintenance make a person choose precisely in favor of tiny breeds. Ready to find out who is in the top smallest dogs and why?

The last few decades, such a thing as indoor-decorative breeds has appeared. However, the name does not mean that the dog can only live in an apartment and does not need special care or walking. This is the name of pets that are used primarily as a family pet. It is not designed for any job, for example, a Yorkshire terrier, Maltese or Chihuahua will not be able to serve as a guide dog or serve in the police on a par with a shepherd.

Dogs that belong to decorative breeds often have a surprisingly gentle character. They are strongly attached to the owner, they love to sit on their hands and even sleep in bed. Easily go on contact with both adults and young children. They like to accompany a person everywhere: to the store, guests or to work.

I must say that the group of decorative dogs includes not only breeds that were bred artificially. It also includes those who have lost working qualities over time, for example, a spaniel. He, of course, can still be used as a hunter’s assistant, but more often a handsome man with long ears is chosen for home keeping in the city.

The life expectancy of some breeds due to selection has been reduced to 5–8 years. When choosing a furry friend, you need to carefully study all the features.

Small and medium dogs for apartment keeping

Most often, a small pet is brought up for a simple reason – it does not require a lot of space. At home, he will need a couch, although most likely the baby will spend time on the couch next to the owner. It is easy to take a pet with you on a trip or guests, placing it on your lap on the way.

Small dogs are divided into 3 groups based on height and weight. The first includes toi, whose weight does not exceed 2 kg, and the height is 28 cm. The second – dwarf ones with a weight of no more than 5 kg and a height of up to 35 cm. The third contains small ones, whose weight should not be more than 10 kg, and height – 45 cm. Consider photos and characteristics of the most popular breeds.

American Hairless Terrier

The hairless breed was bred in the 80s of the last century in the USA.

Rarely cause allergies. The main feature is the absence of undercoat, which makes the skin vulnerable to the sun and cold. Positive character traits include energy, friendliness, high intelligence.


Representative of the pinscher, but only very small. It has dense vegetation on the muzzle, which makes it look like a monkey. It has a very wayward character: jealous, independent and even slightly aggressive. Love deserves devotion – the Affenpinscher does not tolerate loneliness and is ready to be next to the owner all day long.

Belgian Griffon

One of the dog breeds that is suitable for older people. Griffons are calm, not prone to escaping, prefer to stay close to a person. With all this, they are quite cheerful and inquisitive, and also need training, like all dogs. Feature – Griffon behaves differently with different people.

Bichon Frize

Surprisingly cute and plush pets that won’t let you sit still. The Bichon Frize is a French lapdog. Despite the thick coat, they do not smell and do not shed, which is why they are considered hypoallergenic. They get along well with children and animals, but they do not tolerate a long absence of the owner.

Boston Terrier

Friendly, loyal and disciplined breed, created by crossing the English Bulldog and Terrier. That is why the tailed one has an interesting appearance: a flattened muzzle, protruding long ears, large eyes. Unlike bulldogs, the Boston Terrier does not drool, and his behavior is worthy of respect.

Brussels griffon

Sociable “brownie” will not allow you to be alone. The Brussels Griffon prefers to choose only one person (and not always the owner) and follow him everywhere, waiting for a portion of affection. The miniature size does not prevent the pet from being a guard. The average life expectancy reaches 13-15 years.