The best breeds of large dogs

Many people believe that a dog must necessarily be big, like its wolf ancestor, otherwise it is not a dog at all. But how to choose the right large breed for yourself?

History is silent about how ancient people bred the first breeds of small dogs, but one thing is clear: the first domesticated friends of man were large. They protected dwellings from large predators and thieves, grazed cattle, helped people hunt – in a word, they did hard work, for which both size and strength were important.

However, today, when the vast majority of people live in cities, the dimensions of the dog have become more of a matter of taste, having lost their functional load: someone sees in their pet a fashion accessory that can be worn under the arm, someone tries to compensate for self-doubt with the help of a big formidable dog next to him, and someone just wants to find a friend, and it doesn’t matter what height and breed he will be.

And yet, each of us has our own preferences, and many like the stately beauties of the canine world, proudly pacing next to the owners, serving as protection and support for them – sometimes in the truest sense of the word.
Large dogs can be not only watchmen or hunters, very often they act as family friends, nannies for children, guides, rescuers.

However, unfortunately, in large cities of Russia there is less and less room for four-legged animals, larger than Chihuahuas: in the “sleeping” areas there are no places for walking for them, drivers often do not want to carry large dogs in transport (even if they are muzzled), and no one punishes flayers who coquettishly call themselves “dog hunters”.

At the same time, in Western European countries, many people keep dogs at home, including large breeds, walk freely with them in cities, on the streets of which you can always find stands with free cleaning bags, if the dog suddenly wants to do his business on the lawn , and bins for the disposal of these packages.

And yet, the craving of people, and especially children, for a big kind dog will never disappear. And, by the way, it has long been established that a child in whose family dogs lived will never grow up to be an egoist.

Labrador retriever

Peculiarities. Initially, the Labrador was bred as a hunting gun dog, whose task was to deliver lined game. It is still sometimes used in this capacity, but much more often the Labrador can be seen in an urban family playing with young children. It belongs to medium-large dogs, usually slightly above the knee of an adult man, but at the same time has a massive physique. The coat is of medium length and comes in three colors: pure black, chocolate and fawn.

Character. The kindest and sweetest creatures, ready to wag their tails to everyone they meet. They love children and meeting new people. Today this breed is one of the most popular in the world, thanks to the mind, attractive appearance and good nature. Labradors make excellent companions and even guide dogs.

Care. They do not require special care, they are unpretentious in food (but they love to eat very much). Due to the fact that they love water and are ready to swim even in a dirty puddle, they often have to wash their paws.

Golden retriever

Peculiarities. It is a relative of the Labrador and performs approximately the same tasks on the hunt. And just like the Labrador, it has long passed into the category of companion dogs. In the USA, it is the most beloved and popular breed, which for local residents is an essential attribute of a happy American family. Dogs have a lighter constitution than Labradors, and their coat is longer. Color from almost white to golden red.

Character. Cheerful, agile and endlessly good-natured dogs, retrievers are ideal for families with children. In this case, everyone will be happy: parents – because their children are under reliable supervision and they have fun, children – because they have someone nearby who is ready to play all day long, and dogs – because they have such a wonderful and beloved family.

Grooming: Golden Retrievers are very active dogs that need long walks. Their beautiful coat requires frequent brushing.

German Shepherd

Peculiarities. If you ask a person to imagine any dog, then most likely it is the German Shepherd that will come to mind, since this breed has absorbed all the best qualities of many other breeds. Bred as a shepherd, she no longer works in agriculture, but serves in the police, army, and security.

Character. Considered one of the smartest breeds. It is very easy to learn and completely focused on a person, literally catches his every movement, intonation and desire. Infinitely devoted to the owner, has a stable psyche, thanks to which it can become an excellent friend and companion.

Care. The German Shepherd needs constant exercise, both physical and mental. They should also be brushed at least once a week – especially for the long-haired variety.