The most loyal dog breeds

From time immemorial, a dog has been a symbol of devotion and selfless love for a person. It is difficult to imagine a creature that would be capable of such dedication and loyalty as a dog. But still, what kind of breed should you get if you dream of a true devoted friend?

How to choose the right dog breed

You need to understand that the division of breeds into more and less devotees is very arbitrary. Many cases of boundless devotion are also known among the so-called pocket dogs, such as Russian Toy or Chihuahua. Sometimes these kids of the canine world simply die, being transferred to other owners, because their small but loving heart is unable to bear the separation from their beloved family.

But still, if you dream of a dog that will become your true friend, it is better to opt for the above breeds. But, for example, huskies are so independent and self-sufficient that a person for them is more of a partner than the meaning of life. They suffer the least change of ownership and are known for their tendency to run away from their owners. But even among them come across monogamous.

Therefore, if you dream of a true friend, then first of all ask yourself: do you know how to really make friends yourself? Are they capable of becoming the center of the universe for a dog?

You need to understand that dog loyalty is largely based on their pack instinct – any member of the pack is always infinitely devoted to its leader, which only the smartest and strongest dog can become. In human society, such a leader for a dog is the owner, because her pack is the family in which she lives.

But if people do not strive to be stronger than their dog, do not educate it, do not protect it, but instead pamper and indulge all its whims, or, on the contrary, are treated cruelly, the animal does not see any of them as a leader, and therefore becomes nervous and insecure in itself. And, of course, there can be no question of any devotion here.

Thus, it is not enough to choose the “right” breed, you also need to properly educate the dog and yourself.

East European and German Shepherds

Features: campaigners for whom such concepts as duty, loyalty and love are not an empty phrase. It is difficult to list all representatives of this breed who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their owners or the fulfillment of duty. There are cases when shepherd dogs carried babies out of the house before an earthquake, when, in the war, already mortally wounded, they brought reports from the front or detained violators at the border.

Character: loyal, courageous natures, the highest good for which is the service of their beloved master, because for them he is the center of the universe. Very easy to train.

Care: the main thing that a shepherd dog needs is to be close to the owner and serve him. Therefore, there is nothing worse than putting this dog on a chain and forget about its existence.


Features: medium height and strong constitution of a dog belonging to the Molossian group. Due to their massive body and dark (black and tan) color, Rottweilers make a formidable impression, but at heart they are loving, loyal and even gentle.

Character: being, like shepherds, a service breed, these German strong men also cannot imagine their life without a beloved owner and, being suspicious of strangers, they are ready for absolutely anything for their man.

Care: The breed is unpretentious, but not suitable for year-round keeping on the street due to its short coat.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Features: shaggy giants, very appreciative of both their family and the property of this family, so they will protect both very vigilantly. An ancient breed bred 4 thousand years ago to protect flocks of sheep from wolves and robbers.

Character: Only those who have the strength of character to achieve their friendship know about the devotion of the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. Yes, this is not easy, because a Caucasian always tests his master for strength: is he worthy of becoming a leader for him. And if a person has passed the test, he is unlikely to find a more faithful friend. The owner becomes the center of the universe for him, although, perhaps, he will not show it outwardly – he will not bring slippers and wag his tail ingratiatingly. But, if necessary, he will calmly and without hesitation give his life for this person.

Care: minimal. Caucasians are one of the most unpretentious breeds: they easily tolerate cold and heat, undemanding to food and conditions of detention.